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Pre-Order the Oxherd Boy Book!

Updated: Oct 3

Available now through all major online book retailers in the US

and limited destinations worldwide through Amazon

Almost three years ago, I was fumbling my way through painting professionally while mothering a willful and analytical child. I had a clue for what was possible, a sense that parenting and painting could be combined into a single practice, but I couldn't have guessed how much it would guide my own self-awareness and perspective on life toward new dimensions. Angelina Wang shares a similar perspective: "To be an artist, one learns to be a human being." So, while you could say I created "The Oxherd Boy," the project became my teacher, too.⁠

To be an artist, one learns to be a human being.

Angelina Wang

You have been with me through this evolution. In reading about the oxherd boy, his family ox, and friend the rabbit, you are in many ways accompanying my own exploration into the human condition. If they have helped you as well, I'm grateful to have been of service.⁠

While you're always welcome to enjoy these posts online, I now invite you to add The Oxherd Boy book to your personal library. It's a collection of over a hundred illustrations, both old and new, with expanded stories that I hope will keep inspiring you to the daily work of love, living with compassion, and lifting your community. No matter how small these actions may seem, they can make all the difference.⁠

Follow the link to find the best place to purchase your copy. I'll close by saying simply thank you again for being here. You are everything.

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