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#135: In those quiet moments...

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Oxherd Boy all everyone wants these days is to be happy the rabbit said with a huff sometimes observed the ox when we say we went to be happy what we really want is to be healed Inspiring quotes beautiful illustration chinese painting japanese style painting

I can glory in the abundance of life and the world, but the quiet moments have always been the ones for me -- not to be apart from it, but to experience everything as a part of it.

This is a lesson from Buddhism that in its transition to the Western practice of mindfulness, somehow became lost. We move slowly and live with intention not to magnify the idea of Me, and My Experience, but to remind ourselves that we could not be at all without inter-being with everything else.

It is humbling and beautiful to remind ourselves of this, and allows us to live with grace amid the noise.

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