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#113: "Paying attention to what is around us..."

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Oxherd Boy Paying attention to what is around us is also a way to understanding what we are And what are we Inseparable. Inspiring quotes beautiful illustration chinese painting

Something that is interesting about the Western adoption of Buddhist practice is the application of mindfulness as a means to focus the experience of life ever more fully on the self. I am going through this, or I am feeling this way, etc.

I think that self observation and self awareness can be incredibly powerful tools and practices, but I wonder why it stops there. The Buddhist practice of mindfulness actually extends beyond awareness of the self into the realm of no-self... that in observing all the things that surround us, that make us who we are, we realize that we could not exist without the other, and the other could not exist without us.

Just as the a spiderweb is often invisible to the naked eye unless brought to light by a dark backdrop or laced with dew, what surrounds us, and what happens to us is not only experience, it in essence continuously defines and redefines us. And we become mindful that we are simultaneously an inseparable self and no-self.