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#103: "They say that time heals everything"

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

A boy in traditional Chinese farmer clothing sits with a rabbit on an ox. They say that time heals everything But what if time is the illness I guess it's what we do with time that determines if it's the illness or the cure. Inspiring words beautiful Chinese painting children's illustration

Time doesn't heal all wounds, at least not on it own. Time can numb our pain by putting distance between us and our trauma. But, by simply allowing memories to fade, without conscious examination and exploration of our trauma, we forego healing in favor of forgetting.

It may feel like time has healed us, but what is more likely to happen is that given similar circumstances, we'll probably repeat our past mistakes, fall into the same pattern, and wind up experiencing the same hurt.

When faced with pain and suffering, we have the ability to choose whether our time helps or continues to hurt us.

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