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#077: "A single seed planted..."

Oxherd Boy comic a lotus flower in a pond with a quote from Jennifer Sodini, A single seed planted, eventually becomes a garden in time. When things get tough, tend to the garden in your mind.. Beautiful Chinese painting inspiring words

Sometimes when the going gets tough, we become even tougher on ourselves. I can't count the number of times I've told myself to "shake it off," "get over it," "just keep going," and "stop being negative."⁠

But beating pain into submission is simply emotional avoidance. Rather, I like the idea of "tending the garden" of my mind:⁠

🌿 To observe each thought like a plant.⁠

🌿 To understand the nature of my current perspective like the soil.⁠

🌿 To nurture new ideas with tenderness like seedlings.⁠

🌿 To slow down and allow my opinions and views to emerge, bloom, and die in their own time...⁠ like all living things do.

Now, I just have to get over the fact that I have not been very successful with plants in real life. 💀🍃