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#070: "What do you think is the purpose of life?"

Oxherd Boy comic showing the boy asking the ox what the purpose of life is. The ox responds that there is nothing to achieve except to be ourselves. Inspired by Alan Watts, Beautiful Chinese painting inspiring words

Original quote by Alan Watts

Sometimes I think about all the things I've wanted to achieve and still want to achieve, and must remember that there is nothing more fundamental to living than being my own self. It sounds selfish at first, but everything I want must begin with myself. I have to consider:⁠

🔸 How can I show my son what it is to love if I have never loved myself?⁠

🔸 How can I try to heal a friend in pain if I have never healed my own pain?⁠

🔸 How can I encourage someone to be kind if I don't treat myself with kindness?⁠

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