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#064: "I have many flaws," admitted the Ox.

Ox and boy flaws worthy of love beautiful illustration Chinese painting Oxherd Boy

I've received a few messages asking to share more on certain themes that appear on this page. I'm always happy to chat individually, but I thought it might be worthwhile to open these conversations to a broader audience in case others have the similar questions. I've shared a little post on my blog about this particular drawing and my personal relationship with the concept. Link in bio.⁠

"We need impact for transformation. Don't mistake the cracks for a flaw in the design. The flaw is in the perception that wholeness is lost."⁠ - Dr. Alexa Altman

Our flaws, our scars, and our lingering trauma do not reflect a loss in who we are. They are not mistakes. They are a part of us. The mistake is believing that they make us less than whole.⁠

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