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#060: "And if my life were like the dust..."

if my life were like the dust this bitter earth Dinah Washington Max Richter beautiful illustration inspiring quote Chinese painting Oxherd Boy

Yes, this world is fleeting. 🥀 But is that a reason to make our lives a hard and bitter dust that hides its glow?⁠

🎶 Lyrics from Dinah Washington's "This Bitter Earth,"⁠ set to Max Richter's "On the Nature of Daylight"

This bitter earth⁠

Well, what a fruit it bears.⁠

What good is love,⁠

That no one shares?⁠

And if my life is like the dust⁠

That hides the glow of a rose,⁠

What good am I?⁠

Heaven only knows.⁠

Lord, this bitter earth⁠

Yes, can be so cold.⁠

Today you're young⁠

Too soon, you're old.⁠

But while a voice within me cries,⁠

I'm sure someone may answer my call.⁠

And this bitter earth⁠

May not be so bitter after all.⁠

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