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#046: "Just a little higher," called the Rabbit.

Happy Chinese new year lunar new year year of the ox 2021 beautiful illustration inspiring quote Chinese painting Oxherd Boy

New Year according to the Lunar calendar coincides with the arrival of spring, symbolizing hope, renewal, and rebirth. Among many traditions, one of my favorites is writing spring couplets in traditional calligraphy on red paper. These verses hang on each side of the front door to usher in good fortune and are left up the whole year to dispel bad energy. ⁠

2021 is the year of the Ox. For those who are curious, the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac is the second animal after the Rat. It is said that in the celestial race to determine the order of the animals in the Zodiac, the Ox was in the lead. But, the Rat had ridden the Ox the whole way and jumped down to beat the Ox at the last minute, forcing the larger, more powerful animal to take the second place position. ⁠

Due to its critical role in agriculture, the Ox is a highly valued animal, and considered extremely hard-working, reliable, and humble. Its low key and straight-forward nature is a wonderful example to us all, especially in times that challenge us to labor together through shared difficulty.⁠ 💛 Wishing you a Year of the Ox, full of wonder and love in 2021.⁠ ⁠

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