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#040: "The view is quite different..."

Oxherd Boy comic featuring a boy riding an ox view from behind. The boy observes that the view is different from where he sits, and the ox agrees. Beautiful illustration Chinese painting

There is a popular Chinese fable and proverb that every child learns at a young age, where a frog who, as the largest animal living at the bottom of a well, rules over all the lowly critters around him. One day, a passing sea turtle invites him to visit the ocean, and the frog realizes how small his point of view actually was and is rendered speechless at the breadth of the world above. 🐸 The frog, living in a well, cannot conceive of the ocean. ⁠

It makes me wonder, what am I doing or thinking today from a point of self-satisfaction? What immense mystery is out there waiting for my eyes to simply open up and see?⁠

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