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#026: Family

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Today's prompt is FAMILY. Studies say that over 90% of the time an average person spends with their parents takes place before they reach 18 years of age. After that, the remaining 10% is distributed over decades of adulthood and middle age. ⁠

I can relate to this. Since finishing high school, I have rarely spent much time at home or visited with my parents. I see them once or twice a year, and became even more infrequently when I moved abroad. However, we always talk on the phone every week, and enjoy our limited time together immensely. I try not to let my missing my family keep me from thinking of them with a soft heart. I think of them often, and I send them infinite love. I keep them close to me always.

I'm taking part in Dani DiPirro (IG @positivelypresent)'s 30-day gratitude challenge for the month of November. Every day, I'll be illustrating a different comic based on her daily prompts.