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#016: Laughter

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Today's prompt is LAUGHTER. Most of us know of the Laughing Buddha, a jolly, overweight monk who's always smiling. Despite his ascetic existence, where he carries all of his worldly possessions in a tramp's bag, thus earning his Chinese nickname of Budai (literally meaning "cloth sack"), Budai is also a symbol of contentment and abundance. He is often pictured surrounded by children, friends, animals, and other followers who are drawn to his joyful personality.⁠

Finding contentment in the world around us, discovering wonders in the seemingly insignificant is one way of always feeling rich in life. Laughter can become a natural part of our existence, and joy can become the attraction that draws friends closer to us.⁠⁠ ⁠

I'm taking part in Dani DiPirro (IG @positivelypresent)'s 30-day gratitude challenge for the month of November. Every day, I'll be illustrating a different comic based on her daily prompts.

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