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#014: "I'll take care of you..."

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Oxherd Boy comic showing a boy in a tree talking to caged sparrow, saying he will take care of it until it can fly again. The sparrow replies that then he may leave the boy, and the boy accepts it saying that was the point all along of caring for the bird. Beautiful illustration, Chinese painting, inspiring words

Today's prompt is CHANGE. Our relationships change all the time, especially those between a parent and a child as the child grows older. Sometimes as a mom I am used to my son being so dependent on me that I need to remind myself that my role is to help him find his wings, and the potential of him leaving me is a natural outcome.

I'm taking part in Dani DiPirro (IG @positivelypresent)'s 30-day gratitude challenge for the month of November. Every day, I'll be illustrating a different comic based on her daily prompts.

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