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#009: "Sometimes half the battle is finding good friends..."

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Oxherd Boy comic showing the rabbit running with the boy. They realize that finding good friends is the entire battle in life. Beautiful illustration, Chinese painting, inspiring words

Today's prompt is FRIENDSHIP. An Instagram follower shared this ⁠story with me a little while back about the importance of having good friends with the compassion and courage to help us confront ourselves and grow in life. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed painting these little buddies!⁠

"Ananda, one of Shakyamuni Buddha's closest disciples, once asked him: 'It seems to me that by having good friends and advancing together with them, one has already halfway attained the Buddha way. Is this way of thinking correct?'⁠

Shakyamuni replied, 'Ananda, this way of thinking is not correct. Having good friends and advancing together with them is not half the Buddhist way but all the Buddhist way.'"⁠

I'm taking part in Dani DiPirro (IG @positivelypresent)'s 30-day gratitude challenge for the month of November. Every day, I'll be illustrating a different comic based on her daily prompts.

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